The Fastest Way to Harmonize, Explore, Interact and Uncover Insights on More Data

More data sources, blended interactively for fast actionable insights

Interactive Data Stories

Question more, uncover more, discover new data, visualize and interact with new insights. Data Stories converge disparate data fast and enable interactive insights. Stories connect to internal and external data sources, and update as your data updates, so your insights are never stale.  Stories evolve as new data is discovered. Stories support your natural problem-solving intuition and do away with pre-modeled and rigid reporting style analysis so you can do dynamic discovery and diagnosis of insights.

Internal & External Data Sources

Easily connect to private data sources, drag-and-drop files and readily access external data.  For all sources, ClearStory infers what’s in your data to speed data preparation and data blending to converge disparate data on-the-fly. Internal and external data access requires no pre-modeling or skills that mandate data specialists. It’s a new, easy way to speed access to more sources, to answer new questions fast and reduce the dependency on costly IT cycles.

Automated Data Prep & Data Blending

Automate data prep and data blending with ClearStory’s “Data Inference” and “Data Harmonization” engine. Reach insights fast by eliminating tedious data prep, ETL, and data modeling. “Data Inference” automates data prep by identifying semantics in your data. “Data Harmonization” automates how data is blended by identifying data relationships across disparate data sources and blending data on-the-fly for fast insights. Prep and blend data in minutes versus hours, days, or weeks. Experience this major advantage of ClearStory’s solution.

Faster Visual Discovery & Diagnosis

See data more quickly and accurately with smart visualizations that allow for deep discovery and diagnosis. When data from diverse internal and external sources is converged, it drives the need for even smarter visualizations. ClearStory introspects the data you select and automatically translates the shape and semantics of your data into smart, best-fit visualizations that are immediately viewable in Data Stories allowing faster, deeper discovery and analysis.

Active Collaboration for Faster, Consistent Decisions.

ClearStory’s breakthrough in collaboration lets users capture discussions on evolving insights, ask questions, annotate visualizations and share business intuition in a consistent way to speed conclusions. Collaboration is uniquely data-aware, capturing both the visual context and state of the data for each discussion, so insights can be tracked over time. Do away with static reports, PowerPoints, and email threads. Let collaborative capabilities ensure consistency in decisions.

Interactive and Collaborative StoryBoards™

Present interactive insights in a living storyline. StoryBoards provide insights from one or more analysis in a storyline. Let key stakeholders see insights, see narratives in-context, ask questions, and reach answers collaboratively. Every “frame” in a Collaborative StoryBoard™ contains context, can update as data updates, and can be explored to speed answers and reach decisions. It’s fast, scales to big data, and is fully interactive.

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Harmonization: smart data blending from more heterogeneous sources, both internal and external, into an integrated, consistent, and interactive Data Story.

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Ovum’s Tony Baer shares how ClearStory uses semantic knowledge to help business users gain new insights into their markets and the environments in which they operate.