Data + CDOs  |  Sharmila Mulligan  |  March 31, 2014

2014: The Year of Data Intelligence for Everyone

Today, the ClearStory team is pleased to announce we’ve raised $21 million in Series B from Andreessen Horowitz, Google Ventures, DAG Ventures, Khosla Ventures and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. With this round, we are poised to scale rapidly and make ClearStory’s Data Intelligence solution available to companies large and small. Fundamentally, we believe that asking and answering questions from more data has to be faster, much easier, and collaborative.  In addition to our Series B funding, we are also delighted to welcome former Google SVP Shona Brown to our Board of Directors. Shona was instrumental in building Google’s business and people operations and played a key role in helping Google scale from just a few hundred people to over 30,000 and become a world-changing company. We are thrilled to have her deep involvement in the company as we grow.

So with this wind in our sails I’d like to take a moment to re-iterate ClearStory’s mission and what we mean by ‘Data Intelligence for Everyone.’

Time and Speed is Everything:

We all know in today’s environment speed matters. Weeks and months to ‘see and act’ on insights is no longer an option in today’s competitive business landscape. One pillar of ClearStory’s end-to-end solution is about reducing the time it takes to go from many sources of internal and external data to holistic decisions. Just last week we announced how you can now harmonize dozens of disparate data sources in minutes and reach new interactive, same-day insights. Our platform investments in Intelligent Data Harmonization™, Spark-based data processing, and automated data inference and profiling, are all directed at hitting businesses’ need for ‘speed’ and reducing the dependency on IT and data experts. By speeding every step from data access to harmonization to visual discovery, businesses can now answer new questions much faster.

Simple and Beautiful is Expected:

It goes without saying there’s a new bar for ‘ease-of-use’ thanks to what we’ve all experienced from Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Nest and others. If you’ve seen ClearStory’s user experience, you know we are very serious about making data easier to work with and analyze. Our goal is to make ClearStory dead simple for anyone to use so that disparate data analysis becomes the ‘new normal’ for anyone, in any company. From the start, we have invested heavily in delivering an innovative and intuitive new user model. We know companies large and small already find it very compelling and you can expect a whole lot more innovation in this area. We are extremely committed to making the whole experience of working with data simply delightful.

Collaborative Analysis will Vastly Improve Decisions:

Enabling deep collaboration across data and insights is the third pillar we believe is necessary as companies tap into ever more sources of data. Every company is split into divisions, departments, or groups. This structure will live on. However, this structure results in siloed decisions and slows down the flow of information. With ClearStory, we spur a new way for users to actively collaborate on data and insights within and across teams. ClearStory is the first analysis solution that integrates deep collaboration capabilities to speed data-driven decisions across a company. Expect to see even more ground-breaking capabilities in this area. This is just the beginning of showing companies the power of collaborative data analysis.

We believe this year marks a shift in data analysis. A year where fast, powerful data analysis can finally come to the fingertips of any business user or analyst in order to understand data and execute faster. Whether it’s yogurt, beverages, movies, gaming, healthcare or banking, your business is trying to use data to spot new opportunities, see threats, or answer the unknown.  To realize the power of more sources of internal and external data it’s time for a new modern architecture and application. Experience it.

Today’s funding underscores our trajectory and our investor support to make ClearStory the next big thing so all businesses can experience Data Intelligence. We couldn’t be more energized and impassioned about the years ahead. On behalf of the whole team at ClearStory, we would like to thank our investors and customers for their support of this journey and their help in making it possible to put ClearStory in the hands of many.

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