CEO  |  Sharmila Mulligan  |  June 28, 2018

Clarity from Complexity: Discovering What’s In Your Data Assets

The positive side of every organization’s data assets today is that there’s a wealth of it to analyze for business insights. That’s great news and enterprises have come a long way in their governed data accumulation.

The negative side is that to capitalize on the information stored in your data sources and applications, both IT and the Business need to first get a full understanding of what is in their data, what’s relevant to the business, what’s not, and how all the disparate data can be discovered and linked together for holistic business insights.

Now, AI-driven Data Discovery discovers every value, every dimension, every bit of relevance within each data source, at scale leaving no data behind. AI-driven Data Blending, then takes everything ‘discovered’ and links it automatically to blend and harmonize data for consumable ongoing business insights.

Read the new Impact Report from a leading analyst firm, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) on how a single business-driven analytics solution with data discovery automation built-in, let’s data driven organizations and enterprises harness all the valuable information, all the time from their update data sources, allowing a continuous flow of strategic and operational business insights.