Data + Trends  |  Sharmila Mulligan  |  October 28, 2013

Introducing “Data Intelligence”

Data is the lifeblood of business. And so every company wants unfettered access to the volumes of diverse data inside their enterprise. But they also want to be able to build on the insights gained from that internal information by continuously blending in external data. Data availability is not the problem – in fact, it’s only becoming more abundant. The bigger challenge involves carefully culling this data, using it quickly, and speeding the cycle of moving from questions to answers. Overcoming this challenge and leveraging all the available sources of data needs to be significantly easier for decision-makers, no matter where they are in an organization. More than ever, they need to be able to access data from existing and new data platforms, files, and external sources, quickly and effectively to make intelligent, informed decisions. In today’s data-intense business environment, the continued growth of a company demands nothing less.

Unfortunately, for too many businesses, the journey from diverse data to insight is a long and tedious slog. And as the amount of data grows and the sources for it multiply, the job becomes even harder. Discovering and accessing the right data, at the right time, and then using it to quickly arrive at useful business insights has become a monumental effort. Your IT group is typically unable to do it all; they usually have other priorities, and are too often saddled with dated, inefficient technologies designed for traditional relational sources, simple files and small data sizes. Your business users, though, are thirsting for data and can’t get it fast enough. Even with data in hand, there’s no good way for different business units to use it collaboratively to drive richer insights that benefit the entire organization. The overall situation is bleak, leaving many data-seeking managers resorting to old ways and simply hoping for the best. Too often, they end up with the worst — either missing insights altogether or arriving at them too late to do any good.

ClearStory’s mission is to change all that. We are introducing an entirely new approach to working with diverse data that makes accessing and analyzing information from multiple disparate sources and driving a holistic view fast, scalable and highly collaborative. It’s called Data IntelligenceAnd it’s for everyone, no matter where they sit in an organization. Data Intelligence allows people to gain the most from their internal and external data assets by making data from these diverse sources easy to access, easy to converge, easy to explore, easy to collaborate with — all for the purpose of enabling much faster, better decisions.

Built into Data Intelligence is an underlying data inference technology that understands the sources of data — its size, shape and structure — and then uses that knowledge to reduce the human effort and data preparation process, needed to turn the data into visual, interactive insights. Data Intelligence utilizes a scale-out in-memory system that greatly expedites processing and further enables fast, iterative discovery.  And it allows people across the organization to collaborate on developing business insights, while maintaining context, to improve how users interpret insights.

ClearStory’s Data Intelligence solution is an integrated application and platform. The application delivers a new simple, easy, interactive user model that requires no technical skills; it’s not just for highly-trained data technicians. ClearStory speeds access to your internal sources of data, and additionally makes data from external sources readily available via a “point-and-get” interface to premium, public, and web data.

Not only does ClearStory accelerate the access and discovery of data, its Intelligent Data Harmonization™ identifies data relationships and converges disparate data into interactive visual insights so users can navigate insights and uncover more. Every analysis in our Data Intelligence solution is presented as a living “Data Story” that harmonizes data from disparate sources and keeps insights up-to-date as new data updates from the sources. Data Stories not only answer initial questions; as the data in them updates and evolves, they allow users to discover additional insights. Each Data Story is a collaborative experience that can be accessed by everyone in an organization who needs it, regardless of their level of technical expertise.

We at ClearStory believe that Data Intelligence marks a new era in data analysis. In this new era, data grows in volume and variety, speed leads to competitive advantage, and more people across the business will have the information they need for better decisions. Working with data from internal and external sources will be easier and faster, occurring in a collaborative and continuous cycle. Companies will be able to quickly get answers that take advantage of the growing stores of data, both inside and outside their organization.

ClearStory is for any organization where fast-cycle analysis across disparate data sources is necessary and where users of varying skill levels need to continuously discover and collaborate on insights. By making it possible for everyone to be part of this ongoing cycle of new information and insight, Data Intelligence will fuel better, faster data-driven decisions.

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