7 Habits of Highly Effective Analytics Leaders

Learn how They Are Delivering Differentiating Business Results from Their Data Assets —  As digital and data-driven business moves into the mainstream, scaling the value and discipline of data and analytics solutions and programs is becoming key to business success.  Data and analytics leaders must deliver market-differentiating strategies and practices that can scale with business… Read more »

Clarity from Complexity: Discovering What’s In Your Data Assets

The positive side of every organization’s data assets today is that there’s a wealth of it to analyze for business insights. That’s great news and enterprises have come a long way in their governed data accumulation. The negative side is that to capitalize on the information stored in your data sources and applications, both IT and… Read more »

How An Early Bet on Apache Spark Unlocks Data-Driven Transformation

When we first went to look at the Apache Spark data processing engine in 2011, it was a little-known thing inside the University of California, Berkeley’s AMPLab. The project was known to people at the AMPLab, but not to the market at large. Now, that same Apache Spark project is enjoying a meteoric rise in… Read more »

The Rise of Data Governance Comes With the Age of Data 2.0

Back at the turn of the Millennium in the late 1990’s, organizations struggled to solve the problem of who gets access to more information, more applications and more data. As enterprises began amassing more applications and data and began making that available to employees, partners and customers, security considerations escalated and the first single sign-on… Read more »

The Dead End of BI Dashboards in New Data Addiction Age

Despite big data being a “quiet star” at C.E.S., wrestling with a huge variety of data from a plethora of new devices and sensors is a big challenge ahead for an Internet of Things’ future. Watching the unveiling of all kinds of new connected devices at the annual Consumer Electronics Show, the Internet of Things… Read more »

2015: Removing Blind Spots and Bringing Data Intelligence to Everyone

In the classic words of an unlikely Big Data pundit, Sherlock Holmes: “I never guess. It’s a shocking habit that’s destructive to the logical faculty.” Ironically, “guessing” is what we do when we get presented with visualizations and charts that were put together with the best intentions to answer the business’s burning questions. That’s because… Read more »

2014: The Year of Data Intelligence for Everyone

Today, the ClearStory team is pleased to announce we’ve raised $21 million in Series B from Andreessen Horowitz, Google Ventures, DAG Ventures, Khosla Ventures and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. With this round, we are poised to scale rapidly and make ClearStory’s Data Intelligence solution available to companies large and small. Fundamentally, we believe that… Read more »

Picking Startups and Leadership Teams

As someone who has helped grow a number of startup companies and who has invested in a few dozen more, I’m often asked how I go about picking companies that I think show the promise of success. It’s an important question, and not just for entrepreneurs or early investors. It’s also one that everyone who… Read more »

Discussing “Big Data” with Thomas Friedman

The New York Times “Global Forum” held in San Francisco last week by New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman gave me a chance to briefly put aside the technical discussion about “Big Data” that we in the technology community so often obsess about, and to instead contemplate the far-reaching and high-level changes big data is… Read more »

Why this Blog?

We’ve shared a lot at ClearStory about the big data landscape, and how we think we have something new and important to contribute to the ability of organizations across the world to use data to compete more effectively. But we haven’t talked much about ourselves. That’s changing today, with the start of this CEO Blog. Now, you… Read more »