Customers & Collaborators


  • Del Monte

    Del Monte Foods is one of the largest producers, distributors and marketers of branded food for the U.S. retail market. With ClearStory, Del Monte is empowering their business users to reach faster decisions to improve sales performance and increase market penetration and see data holistically including from disparate sources and SAP systems.

  • Merck

    ClearStory and Merck are collaborating on multiple data initiatives to speed availabilty of internal and external data for their businesses. ClearStory’s data access, harmonization and management of disparate data sources will make medical issues data readily available for the business for deep exploration and trend analysis.

  • Coca-Cola Enterprises

    “The ClearStory solution has dramatically changed the way the Coca-Cola Enterprises Digital team reports and understands our Online Sales performance within the eCommerce Channel. Now, our reporting and analysis process takes less than a day, and the strength of the ClearStory back-end data aggregation & harmonization, within the product, means that our team is now able to focus more on delivering actionable insight to our business.”

    – Digital Team Business Lead

  • HappyFresh

    HappyFresh enables consumers to shop for groceries online from leading grocery outlets and have them delivered to their doorstep in under an hour. With ClearStory, analysts can flexibly uncover granular insights into orders and revenue trends by store and collaborate with their network of partner grocers to spot new revenue opportunities.

  • Hershey’s

    Hershey’s is empowering their Business users to reach faster insights on product and brand performance so they can take faster action to maximize sales by region and retailer. With ClearStory, users can see fast, holistic insights across disparate data sources including external sources such as Nielsen and IRI.

  • H&R Block

    H&R Block uses ClearStory to optimize productivity and throughput of its tax professionals by eliminating gaps in servicing its clients. Key metrics such as client scheduling and staff readiness are measured and correlated in ClearStory, enabling multiple levels of the H&R Block organization to make well-informed decisions to better serve their clients while boosting service revenue.

  • Riviera Partners

    The leading technical recruiting firm is transforming to be a fully data-driven company by gaining immediate insights into recruiting dynamics, metrics, placement, and churn. Every recruiter is empowered with their own real-time, ClearStory Interactive StoryBoard™ on the data they need to be more effective.


    ARYZTA is one of the largest frozen bakery companies in the world. ARYZTA leverages ClearStory to combine internal data with external data such as Nielsen and public demographic data to gain fast, holistic insights into brand and category performance across market segments, demographics and channels.

  • Hitachi Solutions

    Hitachi Solutions is creating a real-time, early-warning system for life threatening conditions by analyzing real-time patient information and measurements including patient vitals from biosensors to detect early onset of certain life-threatening issues.

  • MARS

    As one of the largest confectionery manufacturers in the world, Mars relies on ClearStory to gain granular sales performance insights based on SKU levels, categories and brand. Category managers can ask sophisticated questions and flexibly perform broader market analysis by blending in external data from Nielsen to develop the actionable insights required to elevate their brand.

  • DOW

    Dow Agrosciences is enabling analysts, agriculturists and farmers to increase seed yield performance across various regions. Users are empowered to freely explore granular seed data to conduct expert analysis on factors impacting yield performance and answer deeper questions that allow farmers to gain more value per acre for their crops.

  • Covance

    ClearStory makes it possible to understand Covance’s site effectiveness of clinical trials and the efficiency of their programs. By converging data from disparate internal, external, and public information sources, Covance can gain insight into the factors that affect the performance of their sites.

  • Carbon Lighthouse

    Carbon Lighthouse analyzes energy efficiency measures based on data collected from sensors deployed at their commercial and clients properties. Near real-time ClearStory insights include energy waste reduction for cost savings and improving client asset performance.

  • IBM

    ClearStory Data integrates with IBM BigInsights to speed access, processing, and analysis of data in IBM’s enterprise Hadoop platform. Users can connect and tap into their data sets in BigInsights directly from ClearStory and easily blend them with other internal and external sources to quickly discover new insights.

  • Microsoft

    By leveraging ClearStory’s Spark-based analysis engine and built-in data harmonization capabilities, businesses can now see fast-cycle insights across disparate data sources residing in data marts in Microsoft Azure. The combination provides the fastest way to access, harmonize and blend, explore, and uncover business-ready insights.

  • Colgate

    By easily harmonizing data across disparate sources, including external market data, Colgate is enabling their business users to gain holistic insights into factors impacting product sales trends, including demographics, buyer segmentation, and geographic region.

  • Google Cloud Platform

    ClearStory complements Google Cloud Dataflow’s developer-driven approach with built-in automated semantic profiling of diverse data and data blending capabilities. Together, the combined solution offers speed, scale, and simplified visual data analysis for analysts, and business users.

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  • Hortonworks

    ClearStory Data’s solution accelerates data lake initiatives by providing additional capabilities for governed data access from Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) including governed data discovery and user exploration. Additionally, ClearStory Data enables fast-cycle analysis across disparate data sets stored in Hadoop.

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  • Amazon Web Services

    ClearStory integrates with Amazon Web Services to speed access, processing, and analysis of data that has been stored in the cloud. Users can connect and tap into their Amazon Redshift and Amazon RDS data sources directly from ClearStory and easily blend them with other internal and external sources to quickly discover new insights.

  • Dun & Bradstreet

    Dun & Bradstreet partners with ClearStory Data to provide native, integrated access to its extensive database of business information. ClearStory customers can easily tap into D&B’s syndicated data as a premium data set to drive deeper correlated insight their own data sources.

  • Kantar Media

    Kantar Media partners with ClearStory Data to provide advertising spending data across various brands by media type across thousands of product categories. Customers can easily combine Kantar Media data with their private sales data on-the-fly, without data modeling or data wrangling to analyze ad investments by media type and compare their results to to industry benchmarks.

  • Weather Analytics

    Weather Analytics and ClearStory’s integration allows customers to easily tap into forecasts and historical weather data that can help users understand the impact of weather indicators in their analysis.

  • Factual

    Factual partners with ClearStory Data to provide access to its vast database of firmographic, location and points of interest information. Customers combine Factual data with their own private data to amplify insights with geolocation information.