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Gartner Research’s October 2018 Report on Analytics and BI states:
    • Modern, agile BI enables fast time to insight across a range of analytics use cases
    • Modern BI platforms are easy-to-use and offer a full range of analytic capabilities using machine-intelligence
    • They do not require significant involvement from IT
    • They let business users find valuable insights in data – without needing data experts
Gartner Research highlights ClearStory Data stating:
    • ClearStory Data is a cloud-based A&BI offering that provides augmented data discovery and preparation, data storytelling and collaboration, in a single platform.
    • ClearStory’s smart data inference and Intelligent Data Harmonization leverage ML to recommend how to cleanse, prepare and blend the data.
    • ClearStory may be used for data preparation and data harmonization with integration to Tableau on the front end, and also provides its own native data storytelling front-end.
    • ClearStory connects to traditional proprietary and relational data, Hadoop and other nonrelational data sources, cloud application sources, and other big data sources and digital sources.
    • Users can also automatically generate insights based on statistical significance, with NLG to explain the findings.
    • For the embedded use case, ClearStory supports embedding insights in portals & apps.

Machine-driven and point-and-click for every complex data task, for results in minutes across all data


Proven across every Enterprise to Scale to high data volumes and high dimensionality data, surpassing every traditional BI Tool


Machine and AI-driven end-to-end automation from prep, to blending, to smart auto-discovery of insights, for results in minutes on complex data

“ClearStory gives us a world class solution for all our data discovery and analysis. It’s impressively fast, scales and a game changer for our critical initiatives.”

CIO World’s Largest Distributor of Electronic Components

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“ClearStory enables self-service MRO insight for our 500 enterprise clients and 9000 locations. It’s been transformative for our business.”

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