Webinar: How Del Monte Stays Ahead by Delivering Faster Insights to the Business

Enterprises are more data-driven than ever before. While data access and analysis were once relegated to specialists, quants or statisticians, competitiveness on the front lines of business today is dictated by the speed of data access and the quality of informed decision-making.

Join us for this exclusive webinar as Jeremie Davis, Director of Business Technology, Del Monte Foods, Inc. discusses how Del Monte is transforming its business users into data jedis. Learn about:

  • Real-world use cases from Del Monte Foods including how they analyze the factors impacting effectiveness of their trade promotions
  • Best practices to uncover opportunities that help your business stay ahead
  • New data solutions that can access more internal and external data, blend more sources, and allow faster discovery of actionable insights
  • A live demo of LOB insights showcasing more sources, fast holistic insights, and business-ready analysis

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