ClearStory Data + Amazon Data Platforms



ClearStory Data Speeds Interactive Analysis for Amazon Data Platforms

With a few simple clicks, ClearStory Data can connect to Amazon Cloud Data Sources to speed data prep and automate blending of data across Amazon data sources and any other internal or external data source, to generate immediate interactive visual analysis. Customers can schedule data refreshes from Amazon data sources for self-updating interactive insights and deep analytical explorations on more data. The result is new answers from more data for the business.


  • Automate Data Discovery and Data Prep: accelerate data preparation via automated data inference and data discovery across large disparate data sets
  • Automate Data Blending: intelligently match data with common dimensions on-the-fly, making it easy to blend data from sources originating from the Dataflow pipeline with other disparate data
  • Data Governance: leverage built-in user and data governance capabilities to control how data is accessed, and maintain an audit trail for every analysis
  • Contextual Collaboration: ¬†enable collaborative data analysis so users can actively collaborate on data workflows, analytics and insights