ClearStory Data + Microsoft


Powering Fast, Scalable Analysis & Insights for the Microsoft Data Platform

Accelerate business insights on large data volumes with the combined agility, scale, and speed of Microsoft’s Data Platform and ClearStory’s Apache Spark-powered data analysis solution. ClearStory speeds data access and automates data prep, data blending, and data discovery so you can get answers to your key business questions faster. Get deeper insights, on more data, that update at the speed you need, whether it’s intraday, daily, or weekly.


The collaboration between ClearStory Data and Microsoft provides the fastest way to access, harmonize and blend, explore, and uncover business-ready insights through:

  • Out-of-the-box data access: connect to your Azure SQL Database and other disparate data sources easily and quickly through ClearStory’s native connector
  • Intelligent data prep & Data Blending:  ClearStory’s Data Inference & Harmonization Engine determines attributes and identifies relationships across data values to accelerate data prep and data blending/Harmonization
  • Self-Service, Smart, Data Discovery: quickly uncover granular patterns and correlations within a single data source or across blended data
  • Rapid exploratory and ad-hoc analysis:  ask more questions, blend and harmonize new data on the fly, and uncover deeper insights — no IT expertise or lengthy modeling cycles required.
  • Collaborative Consumption of business insights: reach data-driven insights directly through StoryBoards. Ask new questions, iterate on answers quickly, and collaborate on analytics and insights