ClearStory Data + StraVis Solutions



Speed Data Prep and Data Blending for SAP Applications and Disparate Data Sources with StraVis Solutions and ClearStory Data

ClearStory Data’s machine-based data preparation, data quality reconciliation, smart data discovery and automated data blending, accelerate and ease working with the scale and complexity of data sources today. ClearStory Data, coupled with the key services and domain knowledge that StraVis offers, combines the functional, technical and process design expertise of an SAP Partner with a fully automated, point-and-click solution for preparing and harmonizing large or complex SAP and other disparate data sources.


The collaboration between ClearStory Data and StraVis IT Solutions provides fast-updating, business-ready insights to SAP Applications through:

  • Automated data prep, data discovery, data quality and transformations of data, at scale, by intelligently inferring semantics across all data values with ClearStory’s Data Inference including internal data from multiple SAP systems as well as customers’ proprietary and syndicated disparate data sources
  • Automated data blending across complex internal and external data sources via ClearStory’s machine-based Intelligent Data Harmonization™ eliminating traditional lengthy data modeling cycles
  • Smart data discovery for all data values, patterns and correlations in blended data sets with Smart Data Discovery to further identify the most relevant data dimensions for exploration and analysis and reach insights that were previously unattainable
  • Data quality rationalization and granular Data Governance for all data from SAP Applications and disparate data sources, that are combined and blended into interactive holistic insights