Press Release  |  November 7, 2018

ClearStory Data Advances Machine-driven Data Harmonization and Blending Technology for 360 Discovery of Insights Across Complex Enterprise, Consumer and Digital Data

MENLO PARK, CA – Nov 7, 2018 – ClearStory Data, the leading AI-powered, enterprise-scale Continuous Intelligence analytics solution for complex and fast-moving data, today announced new advanced capabilities enabling business users to quickly discover hidden insights in complex data so they can find all relevant data relationships between disparate sources to speed “360 Insights.”

With ClearStory’s machine-driven data scoring and relevance detection, organizations can speed getting to Customer 360, Product 360, Brand 360, People 360, Marketing and Sales 360 and all critical insights that depend on disparate sources being intelligently combined for new and actionable discoveries. The advances specifically add three more tiers of more machine intelligence with accompanying innovations in user interaction and usability to discover data relationships and spot what is most relevant to 360 insights. Now anyone can drive their own 360 insights, accessing data from many disparate sources for immediate results.

Today, most organizations are challenged with bringing together fast-moving and complex data from disparate sources to answer business questions in the front office. Siloed insights are no longer viable as they leave business users unable to discover 360 insights needed to drive key business decisions. ClearStory’s machine-driven advancements in Data Harmonization and Interactive Data Discovery not only automate the entire process of accessing and blending complex disparate data sources with a single click of a button, but also provide detailed real-time relevance scores that pinpoint “what data” in every data source, when combined, answer key business questions.

“ClearStory’s new advancements in data harmonization and data discovery make it even easier to combine data from our disparate sources and see what data is most relevant to answer our key questions. It makes getting to our 360 insights amazingly easy with powerful point-and-click data discovery, intuitive data scoring, and fast data harmonization, which is so critical given our many disparate sources and data complexity,” said a Senior ITS Manager at a leading healthcare company. “With the number of disparate data sources we have, it is critical to have point-and-click insights into the contents of our datasets. Our end-users will be able to harmonize the complex data models easily without any assistance.”

Key innovations include:

1. Continuous Relevancy Scoring of Data Across Data Sources: ClearStory continually scores the relevancy of data and relationships across sources to speed reaching insights across disparate sources and applications. Users can interactively explore all discoveries and spot all relevant data to answer their business questions.

2. Point-and-Click 360 Insights: As data sets are combined, data is automatically matched across sources so users can literally, in a few clicks, see their answers in updating Data Stories.

3. Data Augmentation and Continuous New Discoveries: As data is augmented on the fly, new bi-directional findings between disparate sources reveal new ways that disparate data can be combined to show users more insights that they may not have even considered. Each new discovery is augmented with user guidance on what to focus on to derive deeper insights from their disparate sources.

ClearStory’s release of new machine-driven Intelligent Data Harmonization™ advancements, combined with the company’s leadership in automated discovery of insights and engaging consumability in Interactive StoryBoards, further extends its leadership in delivering scalable modern business-oriented analytics to organizations with many disparate data sources that need to be combined to deliver 360 insights for front-office business users.

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About ClearStory Data
ClearStory Data is the leading AI-powered, enterprise-scale Continuous Intelligence analytics solution for complex and fast-moving data for daily business decisions. ClearStory is uniquely differentiated with modern capabilities across smart data discovery, data prep via Data Inference and automated Intelligent Data Harmonization™. ClearStory Data is also a pioneer in leveraging Apache Spark-based data processing to speed insights from large and complex data sources. The company is headquartered in Menlo Park, CA with offices across North America and backed by Andreessen Horowitz, DAG Ventures, Google Ventures, Khosla Ventures and Kleiner Perkins.

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