Press Release  |  November 7, 2017

ClearStory Data Innovates on Machine-driven Auto-Discovery of Insights with Smart Alerts Making it Simple for Business Users to Uncover Hidden Insights Across More Data

Machine-driven Auto-Discovery of Data and Insights Reveals More Business Answers Across More Data

MENLO PARK, CA  – November 7, 2017 – ClearStory Data, the company bringing business-oriented data analytics to everyone with automated Data Prep, Data Inference, and Data Blending via Intelligent Data Harmonization™ and Interactive StoryBoards™, today announced new capabilities enabling front-office business users to interactively explore insights and auto-discover key new insights without the need to drill or dig through dashboards. Clearstory’s continuous innovation in machine intelligence and the simple business experience delivered in Interactive StoryBoards, are driving faster insights across many disparate data sources for hundreds to thousands of front-office business users in each organization.

Conventional drill paths in visualizations typically lead to a dead end when answering complex business questions from data. ClearStory has eliminated the need to rely on conventional drill paths, now allowing Business users to combine Smart Exploration and in-context collaboration with alerts to create a new way to surface new findings from data.

For example, in the retail segment, customers aren’t satisfied with simply seeing how sales are performing by product and location.  The business pursuit rather, is understanding ‘why’ certain products sell better in some areas versus others, and ‘why’ and ‘what’ is creating fluctuations in sales trends for every SKU. Traditional BI addressed the questions of ‘what’ while ClearStory Data’s machine-intelligence answers the question of ‘why’.

Today’s announcement about deeper machine intelligence in ClearStory’s Smart Exploration feature makes it even faster and easier for organizations to automatically uncover deeper insights across large, complex data sources. It does not require any of the answers to exist in the visualization being clicked on, nor any pre-scripting or wiring behind the scenes. Rather users can click on any visualization, dynamically get all answers on ‘why’ something is happening and add Smart Alerts to any dynamic scenario or situation they want to watch and stay informed on as data updates. ClearStory’s machine-intelligent approach ensures that all related insights continue to get surfaced and presented without having to pre-wire any navigation paths or rely on data science teams.

Combining this machine-based alerting capability in StoryBoards with the Auto-Discovery of insights allows business users to proactively monitor their KPIs and other data anomalies in all related StoryBoards, not just the one they are viewing. This allows them to further harness the power of ClearStory’s machine-driven approach to accelerate their discovery of insights and avoid any blind spots in the data which may lead to incorrect insights.

“With the explosion of data volumes and sources, it is no longer feasible for business users to sift through and look for insights in visualizations and traditional BI tools and dashboards,” said Ali Tore, Chief Product Officer at ClearStory Data. “ClearStory’s machine-intelligent and automated approach to auto-discovering insights, coupled with smart alerting and in-context collaboration in StoryBoards, provide the optimal machine-driven augmentation to business users who need to get to actionable insights faster than ever.”

ClearStory’s introduction of machine-driven Auto-discovery and Smart Alerts, combined with the company’s leadership in automated Data Prep and Data Inference, automated data blending via Intelligent Data Harmonization™ and Smart StoryBoard Exploration, further extends its leadership in delivering scalable modern business-oriented analytics to organizations with many disparate data sources that need to be combined to deliver insights to many front-office business users.

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About ClearStory Data
ClearStory Data is bringing scalable Business-oriented Data Analytics to everyone to accelerate the way business leaders get answers from more data, on a faster cycle, across any number of internal and external disparate data sources. ClearStory is uniquely differentiated with modern capabilities across smart data discovery, data prep via Data Inference, automated Intelligent Data Harmonization™. ClearStory Data also is a pioneer in leveraging Apache Spark-based data processing to speed insights from large and complex data sources. The company is headquartered in Menlo Park, CA with offices across North America and backed by Andreessen Horowitz, DAG Ventures, Google Ventures, Khosla Ventures and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB).

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