Press Release  |  October 28, 2013

ClearStory Data Unveils Data Intelligence – A New Way to Speed and Ease Every Step of Seeing and Analyzing Diverse Data

This next era of Data Intelligence solutions will transform how organizations access internal and external data, discover insights, and collaborate across them for fast data-driven decisions.

O’REILLY STRATA CONFERENCE, NEW YORK – October 28 – ClearStory Data today introduces Data Intelligence, a new way for anyone and any organization to speed access to internal and external data sources, discover new data and insights, and actively collaborate across diverse data assets to reach fast answers. ClearStory’s solution, available now, is an integrated Application and Platform that radically changes how people across any business consume data from corporate and external sources, to accelerate the pace of informed and intelligent decision-making. ClearStory Data is backed by venture capital leaders Andreessen Horowitz, Google Ventures and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

People with diverse skill levels across all kinds of functions across organizations, should be able to easily work with data from both internal and rich external data sources. Starting with a question and arriving at a data-driven answer, should be radically faster, far easier, visually rich, and highly collaborative.  As the volume and the variety of data explodes, the next era in data analysis is about a solution that embeds data intelligence. It’s about putting the power of data from many more data sources into the hands of more users for fast answers.  ClearStory’s Data Intelligence solution is unique in several ways as it:

  • Speeds access to private data sources including structured and semi-structured data sources, files, and big data platforms, through automated Data Inference and Profiling that understands the source, shape, size and type of data.
  • Brings simple point-and-click access to external data, including premium and public sources, amplifying insights and enabling new data discovery. External data is readily accessible via an integrated marketplace called Data You May LikeTM so it can be brought into context easily with private data.
  • Harmonizes disparate data automatically, to speed converging data and getting a unified view, using ClearStory’s Intelligent Data Harmonization™ technology. Intelligent Data Harmonization enables rapid iteration on insights by recommending relevant data sets and modeling them on-the-fly.
  • Introduces a unique data-aware collaboration model so people can actively participate in evolving insights, in context, to make informed decisions.
  • And in contrast to traditional enterprise applications, it brings a whole new simple, intuitive user experience that people have become used to in popular consumer applications making diverse data analysis, easy for everyone.

“Companies across CPG, retail, media and entertainment, financial services and almost every industry are looking for better ways to access more data, from more sources, ask questions and reach conclusions faster,” said Sharmila Mulligan, CEO of ClearStory Data. “Data Intelligence is the new way that lets business users and data stewards get to more data, uncover insights fast, actively collaborate and ease the cycle of questions to answers, where meaningful answers may span many internal and external data sources.”

“Our teams need new ways to get to answers fast, across our many data sources, and be better enabled to continuously see new insights,” says Chief Information Officer Timothy Weaver of Dannon, the market leader of yogurt products, “We are using ClearStory to bring diverse data together fast with rich visualizations, so that our teams, starting with our customer solutions group, can collaborate on the analysis of our supply chain from manufacturing to the customer to the consumer.”

ClearStory’s solution also makes tapping into external premium and public data sources easy and makes new data discoverable in the context of a company’s private data. External data is readily accessible in the solution’s ‘Data You May LikeTM’ marketplace and automatically harmonized with private data. External data  includes demographic data, firmographics, financial and macroeconomic data, weather, social data, media intelligence and more.

“Kantar Media, the global leader in advertising measurement, is pleased to partner with ClearStory Data to bring organizations a new self-service way to access our rich advertising intelligence data, “ said Libby MacDonald, Senior Vice-President for National Sales at Kantar Media Intelligence. “Insights into advertising trends are critical for companies seeking to optimize their marketing campaigns. ClearStory enables business users to navigate this data easily, and blend it with their private data to quickly get the answers they need to drive their businesses.”

ClearStory Data is an integrated Application and Platform. The ClearStory Application brings a new, easy user model to data analysis that speeds the cycle of analysis across internal and external data for anyone, integrating collaboration and rich visual navigation. ClearStory’s Platform technology embeds Intelligent Data HarmonizationTM and data profiling and inference, to understand the sources of the data, the semantics, and automatically generates a rich metadata model on-request. Together, this speeds data preparation and enables fast data discovery and insights. Rich visual interactivity is delivered via the Platform’s distributed in-memory processing system. External data is readily accessible via Data You May LikeTM, a point-and-click embedded marketplace of premium and public data so relevant external data can be discovered and harmonized on-the-fly. At the core of ClearStory’s Application and integrated Platform, is Data Intelligence, and it’s built to make working with data simple for everyone.

About ClearStory Data
ClearStory Data provides the first Data Intelligence solution that delivers a fast and easy way to access, discover, harmonize, interactively analyze, and collaboratively explore data, from diverse internal and external data sources. ClearStory’s solution is an integrated Application and Platform that radically changes how people consume data from corporate and external sources, to accelerate the pace of informed and intelligent decision-making. Anyone and any organization can use ClearStory to speed the constant cycle of question to data-driven answers. The company is backed by investments from Andreessen Horowitz, Google Ventures, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Khosla Ventures and Silicon Valley industry leaders. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter @ClearStoryData.

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