Press Release  |  November 11, 2014

ClearStory Data’s Apache Spark-Based Solution Speeds Interactive Analysis on Amazon Redshift as Customer Data Volumes Grow to Many Terabytes

MENLO PARK, CA. — November 10, 2014 – ClearStory Data, the company that’s bringing Data Intelligence to everyone, today announced faster Amazon Redshift data access and analysis powered by ClearStory’s Apache Spark-based solution and the introduction of new interactive Collaborative StoryBoards™. Designed from the ground-up to address the data consumption needs of every business user, ClearStory’s underlying technology for fast data processing is built on Apache Spark, allowing companies to quickly harmonize data without data wrangling and speed analysis on large data volumes stored in Amazon Redshift and Amazon RDS.

“Our recent proprietary research shows that 70 percent of organizations want to see insights faster, meaning intra-daily, versus in days or weeks. Additionally, 74 percent of organizations want to blend and harmonize data from more than four disparate sources. Data access and harmonization must be simple and fast in order for insights to reach business stakeholders quickly,” said Sharmila Mulligan, CEO and founder of ClearStory Data. “Enabling fast, scalable analysis on Amazon Redshift and Amazon RDS is a critical need we see as companies consider moving their analytics to the cloud.”

ClearStory Data enables users to easily bring data from disparate sources together with data from Amazon Redshift. Its unique data harmonization capabilities provide users with immediate access to living, self-updating, and interactive data stories while eliminating the need for costly and time consuming data manipulation and ETL procedures.

ClearStory also announces interactive and Collaborative StoryBoards™, which gives line of business users direct access to living insights where all key stakeholders can actively collaborate on observations to speed decisions. Every “living analysis” contains interactive narratives so observations are explained in context. The intuitive experience speeds consumption of insights by the business and speeds making insights actionable and meaningful to the business.

“At Rumble Entertainment, our mobile and online games are played by millions of people around the world. We depend on deep daily, interactive insights within our teams and our partner network,” said Greg Richardson, Chief Executive Officer of Rumble Entertainment. “With ClearStory, we want to leverage the new StoryBoard™ capabilities so data can become more understandable in-context without a loss or delay in sharing key insights. ClearStory has the potential to handle large data volumes while supporting interactive, fast delivery of insights across a wide base of globally distributed users and that’s exciting for us.”

To see or try ClearStory Data’s solution on Amazon Redshift, click here. ClearStory can also be found in the Amazon Partner Network.

About ClearStory Data
A Gartner Cool Vendor in Big Data for 2014, ClearStory Data is bringing next-generation Data Intelligence to everyone, in order to accelerate the way businesses get answers across any number of data sources. By dramatically simplifying data access to internal and external sources, harmonizing disparate data on-the-fly, and enabling fast, collaborative exploration, ClearStory Data’s end-to-end solution includes an integrated platform and incredibly simple user application. The company is backed by Andreessen Horowitz, DAG Ventures, Google Ventures, Khosla Ventures, and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB). To keep up with how the world is becoming more Data Intelligent, and follow us on Twitter@ClearStoryData.

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