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Instant Business Impact

The First Automated Data Analytics Solution for Interpreting Data, Data Blending & Data Discovery of Insights to Continuously Inform Business Decisions

Why 100% of Customers Recommend ClearStory for Business Analytics

Fast Interactive Insights & Exploration

80% Faster Interactive Insights. Connect to disparate data sources, and automate data prep and data blending without lengthy traditional data wrangling, and see immediate insights. Data Stories eliminate rigid, pre-modeled data reporting for flexible, fast, interactive and scalable data exploration. Go from sources of data to blended insights 80% faster. As insights update and evolve, share and capture discussions, answer new questions, annotate visualizations and see everything in context with ClearStory’s in-context insights.

Automated Data Prep & Data Blending

Data Inference and Intelligent Data Harmonization™ Speed Data Prep and Data Blending. For any data source, API-based apps, files or Hadoop, ClearStory’s Data Inference automates data prep by intelligently inferring semantics in your data, reading values and automating transformations. Intelligent Data Harmonization™ automates data blending, without rigid data modeling, by identifying relationships across all dimensions in your data, instantly producing visual blended insights. Whether small or large complex data, prep and blend data in minutes versus taking hours, days or weeks.

Smart Data Discovery

Find Patterns across all Data Values with Smart Data Discovery. With ClearStory’s Smart Data Discovery, you instantly discover all data values, patterns and correlations, within a single data source or across blended/harmonized data. By seeing the relevant data in each source via data discovery and machine-driven data blending, you can immediately zero-in on the most critical and relevant data to arrive at the most meaningful insights. It’s visual with data intelligence built in, point-and-click, and the fastest, easiest way to discover key trends in your data.

Interactive StoryBoards & Fast Data Exploration

Interactive insights for the business with smart data exploration. StoryBoards combine insights from one or more analysis in a storyline. These BI dashboards reveal new insights as data updates and allows business users to explore and uncover hidden insights in your data with the dynamic ‘Explore Insights’ capability. See insights fast, see narratives in-context, ask questions, uncover related insights and collaborate in real time and in-context to reach answers fast.