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Internal data

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External data

Demographic<br /> Data


Location-specific analysis requires understanding local demographics. Comprehensive U.S. Census data keeps you on top of shifting demographics. Discover relevant demographic data and automatically harmonize it with your private data by population, households, gender, race, age group, income, employment and many more attributes.

Firmographic<br /> Data


Get a clear view into the business landscape in any location. Firmographic data is readily accessible from a variety of data providers including those collected through government agencies, business registrations, web presence and field surveys. Pick your data and harmonize it with your private data to amplify insights.

Market & Sales<br /> Intelligence Data

Market & Sales
Intelligence Data

Access market and media intelligence data across 1000’s of product categories. Identify trends in advertising spend and response across all media including TV, print and online advertising. See how your marketing and advertising investments are performing, compare your investments to competitors and industry benchmarks, and leverage fast data blending with your own private sales data, brand promotions and marketing spend.

Macroeconomic<br /> Data


Evaluate macroeconomic factors in the context of your own data. Immediately access historical and present time-series data for a wide range of macroeconomic factors including GDP growth, inflation, unemployment rates, payments balances, exports, imports, external debt, capital flows, commodity prices and more.

Social Media<br /> Data

Social Media

Access social data of interest to understand consumer behavior and social campaigns. With access to both historical and near real-time social media feeds from Twitter, you can track your campaigns and your competitors. Demographic extensions give you a statistically accurate view into consumer profiles and key terms. Converge social data streams with your private data on-the-fly for holistic insights.

Weather<br /> Data


Immediate access to the world’s most comprehensive and accurate source of weather data for historical analysis and future forecasts. Our weather data also includes indexes, algorithms that help you more accurately interpret weather indicators within your analytics.

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