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Underlying the ClearStory Application, is an integratedApache Spark-based Platform that’s a scalable, distributed processing system that understands data sources and speeds access and diverse data blending.

The ClearStory Platform gathers top-down signals of a user’s data analysis intent and matches that intent dynamically to one or more data sets registered in the Platform. Flexibility in converged data execution is enabled through Intelligent Data Harmonization™ across internal and external data sources (structured and un-structured data sources) registered in the ClearStory Data catalog. ClearStory is a cloud based BI solution that can be securely accessed from anywhere. In this way, the ClearStory Data Platform speeds the process from source data to insight.


How It works

Data Inference & Profiling

Reduces data preparation time with smart profiling based on data shape, data structure and semantics. You no longer need to model every metric, dimension and attribute. ClearStory Data’s Inference & Profiling Engine relies on Data Intelligence that uses the semantics in the data to generate immediate insights.


How it works

Intelligent Data Harmonization™

Intelligently matches data with common dimensions, making it easy to combine multiple disparate data sources into a single Data Story. Provides users with complete visibility via a guided experience to flexibly control the data harmonization strategy. Eliminates the need to pre-model data and conform to a rigid structure for data blending. Models on request to speed data insights. Leverages harmonization to render best-fit visualizations for blended data and updates as insights update.


How it works

In-Memory Data Units

Data Stories interact with ClearStory’s Apache Spark-based in-memory data processing system that tracks the lineage of the data sources throughout the analysis process. Data Harmonization utilizes Apache Spark’s fast data blending of disparate sources and speeds iterative analysis and discovery.


How it works

Smart Visualization

Smart, scalable visualizations encourage data exploration and interpretation. Visualizations are rendered immediately based on understanding the source, size, shape and semantics in the data. All visualizations provide intuitive navigation and controls to speed exploration and insights.


How it works

Collaborative Storytelling™

 Allow people across the organization to actively collaborate on data and insights to reach conclusions faster. Users capture discussions on evolving insights, ask new questions and share their business intuition in a consistent way. Collaboration in a Data Story is data-aware and captures both visual context and state of the data so insights can be tracked in real-time and over time.

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ClearStory Data speeds the cycle of accessing data from multiple disparate sources, combining and blending them into holistic insights, and delivering interactive business insights.