EMA:: Read Why AI-Driven Data Discovery Matters

Organizations are inundated by an astounding amount of information. The positive side is that there’s a wealth of data to utilize for analytics, data-driven decisions and building competitive advantage. The negative side is that in order to capitalize on this information, business users need to fully understanding all the data they have, what’s in it of relevance, and how it links together for a holistic view of the business.

One of the leading industry’s analyst firm, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), recognizes ClearStory Data as leading the way in AI-driven Business Analytics through ClearStory’s ‘Instant Data Discovery’. ClearStory’s solution speeds and enriches insights from complex data sources, while making it while making it incredibly fast to access all data, harmonize and blend it, and let the business uncover new insights daily.

“ClearStory Data’s Instant Data Discovery, coupled with an AI-driven data blending capability, empowers an organization’s business stakeholders to discover, profile, and explore data without traditional limitations via an intuitive interface for business stakeholders and other data consumers.”

– Enterprise Management Associates (EMA)

Hear from analysts at EMA on how organizations:

  • Build competitive advantage using an business analytics solution that has automated data discovery built-in
  • Speed the pace of accessing, interpreting, understanding, and utilizing their data without requiring IT prep skills
  • Access business insights and collaborate with stakeholders from a single intuitive interface
  • Gain clarity from complex data and multiple data sources without limitations

Download EMA’s Impact Report on AI-driven Data Discovery to learn more.

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