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CPG & Retail

Shoppers are becoming more nuanced and their purchasing choices more diverse. Through ClearStory Data’s CPG analytics, your analysts are enabled to ask more sophisticated questions to uncover more precise understanding of your consumer to drive revenue-impacting decisions.

  • Gain fast, holistic insights into brand and category performance across market segments, demographics and channels
  • Maximize trade promotion, advertising impact and campaign effectiveness
  • Optimize last-mile supply chain and distribution logistics
  • Discover every sales trend across every product and every location
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Financial Services

Data analytics in finance is the lifeblood of financial institutions, and there are massive amounts of it. ClearStory harnesses fast moving data from many diverse sources, enabling you to track your key financial indicators to drive profitability and mitigate risks.

  • Monitor fast moving financial market trends
  • Increase investment efficiency and accurately project profitability
  • Improve returns on customer-centric marketing investments
  • Understand consumer behavior
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Healthcare & Pharma

When it comes to healthcare, minutes count. Through healthcare analytics, ClearStory Data enables hospital and clinic caregivers to make fast, real-time data-driven decisions that have an immediate impact on patient care and diagnosis, while reducing healthcare spend.

  • Track medical issues with more data to improve diagnosis and treatment
  • Gain up-to-the-minute patient data to detect early symptoms of life-threatening conditions
  • Identify top cost drivers to reduce expenditures while improving efficiency
  • Track a journey of a patient
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Today’s enterprise manufacturing supply chains consist of a complex ecosystem of people, processes, technologies, and disparate data. ClearStory helps you optimize your internal and external supply chain to ensure that you can respond instantaneously to the tiniest fluctuations in demand.

  • Correlate supply chain, logistics, and external data for inventory right-sizing
  • Ensure accurate demand forecasting, down to the most granular detail
  • Improve operational and planning efficiency
  • Track the journey of a product from manufacturing to stores to sales
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Media & Entertainment

Your viewers demand personalized content when they want it. ClearStory gives you a 360-degree view across converged audience behavior data so you and your advertisers can capitalize on your most profitable viewers.

  • Attract more viewers, improve retention, increase engagement
  • Profile your audience based on engagement history, behaviors across channels, and preferences to drive loyalty
  • Maximize exposure to your most profitable audiences and minimize spend
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“ClearStory gives us a world class solution for all our data discovery and analysis. It’s impressively fast, scales and a game changer for our critical initiatives.”

CIO World’s Largest Distributor of Electronic Components

“As we transform the way we operate, our offices and affiliates use ClearStory daily to get the information they need to make key decisions.”

Head of Specialty Care American Dental

“ClearStory is far and away the best choice for any enterprise who wants continuous intelligence from all their data to drive decisions.”

CIO National Bakery Goods Manufacturer

“ClearStory enables self-service MRO insight for our 500 enterprise clients and 9000 locations. It’s been transformative for our business”

CEO Procurement Advisors