Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail Analytics

Most organizations are limited to siloed views of their marketing, customer, and sales data. ClearStory provides a central point of access to critical internal and external data and automates data harmonization and data blending to gain deeper, more meaningful insights.

Know What’s Happening

  • How are our Brands performing against competition by market, by channel and by season?
  • How do product packaging, samples and promotions impact brand performance nationally and locally?
  • What are the top and bottom performing brands across all markets and why?
  • What is the velocity of the product movement by channel and region?
  • Are online vs. in-store sales and consumer behavior influenced by geography, product packaging, and segment and why?
  • What sales activities drive increased sales productivity and why?

“ClearStory is far and away the best choice for any enterprise who wants continuous intelligence from all their data to drive decisions.”

CIO National Bakery Goods Manufacturer