Financial Services Analytics

Whether you’re in retail banking, insurance, trading or wealth management, you can speed access to large scale and complex financial data repositories and other disparate sources to spot immediate, holistic insights .

Start with High-value Questions

  • How will changes in banking laws and regulations affect profitability?
  • Which stress scenarios should be considered?
  • How do I increase the ability to address and monitor regulatory compliance?
  • How do I increase transparency and understanding of risk exposures to manage the business more effectively?
  • What’s a better way to measure customer and product profitability?
  • Are we identifying “high-potential” prospects and customers?
  • Can we improve the ability to target products and services to prospects or customers?
  • How can I enhance specific elements of the offer—product, pricing, channel?

“ClearStory enables self-service MRO insight for our 500 enterprise clients and 9000 locations. It’s been transformative for our business.”

CEO Procurement Advisors