Manufacturing Analytics

Alignment between partners, distributors and suppliers is imperative to turn your supply-chain into a competitive advantage. ClearStory Data breaks down the data barriers by easily bring together silo’d internal and external supply chain, logistics, sales and inventory data, by product and location, for actionable insights.

Turn your supply chain into a competitive advantage

  • How are products selling by location by time of day?
  • How do we drive increase sales and supplier efficiencies across all markets, brands and regions?
  • What savings can we further drive with our suppliers and where?
  • How are stocking and inventory issues impacting daily sales?
  • What is driving product returns and why?
  • How do we right-size inventory based on customer demand by location?

“ClearStory is far and away the best choice for any enterprise who wants continuous intelligence from all their data to drive decisions.”

CIO National Bakery Goods Manufacturer