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Using More Data Sources for Better, Faster Business Decisions

More Data Sources, Fast Holistic Insights, More Answers

Accessing your disparate internal data sources and reaching insights is a lengthy process. Your external data sources and files are fraught with data formatting and data prep issues that slow things down even further. If blending them, it requires more prep and data modeling. There’s a way around this with built-in intelligent data inferencing, and automated data blending and harmonization solutions that speed and ease this otherwise tedious process.

ClearStory solves your data wrangling headache, generates fast visual insights that anyone can explore, and lets users collaborate on analysis for better decisions.

  • Free your business from the shackles of time-consuming data munging across internal and external data sources.
  • Speed access to data from any data repository, big data platform~, excel files, API-based applications and reach visual insights faster.
  • Speed exploration of insights, iterate fast and conclude on actions.

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Data Intelligence (DI) Over Business Intelligence (BI)

A rigid pre-wired analysis or a traditional dashboard view will restrict the possibilities of what you can uncover in your data. The biggest trap is viewing a pre-determined analysis that someone else built. Don’t let a pre-set dashboard read someone’s mind. Let domain experts and users explore the data with more degrees of freedom.

ClearStory enables you to:

  • Tame your sprawling data sources – eliminate data blind spots by accessing and harmonizing your relevant data sources into a meaningful, holistic view.
  • Speed exploration of insights with interactive Data StoryBoards that uncover more meaningful insights.
  • Engage your business stakeholders to drive faster decisions on deeper insights.

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Building a Data Lake and Making it Work for the Business

An Enterprise Data Warehouse. Any data platform. Hadoop. Whatever your data lake architecture, ClearStory helps you take advantage of the opportunities your data lake presents by enabling your users to securely access data and uncover valuable insights but with the user governance and data governance that is crucial to the success of your data lake initiative.

How it works – ClearStory’s analytics solution reads and accesses data from a data lake to deliver the insights in a governed way that includes:

  • Leveraging ClearStory’s user governance and data governance model to securely access data from your data lake and ensure both IT and the business knows how to generate compelling analysis and data stories.
  • Tracking data lineage and updates to your disparate data sources through ClearStory’s comprehensive metadata management model.
  • Let line-of-business users freely explore data, safely iterate and gain immediate insights from data residing in a data lake.

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Unlock Insights From Your Cloud-based Data Sources

You’ve got relational databases and data warehouses in the cloud and cloud-based applications. ClearStory speeds access, processing, and analysis of data stored in the cloud and scales as data volumes increase. These sources can also be blended and harmonized with your on-premise data sources. ClearStory provides the first, highly scalable interactive analysis solution with deep data exploration capabilities to uncover more insights.

  • Experience out-of-the-box connectivity to Amazon Redshift, Amazon RDS Oracle, Amazon RDS MySQL, Amazon RDS PostgreSQL, and many cloud-based big data platforms and applications.
  • Eliminate tedious ETL and data wrangling.
  • Leverage ClearStory’s Apache Spark-based scalable data processing as your data volumes grow.
  • Empower your business stakeholders to explore and view living Data Stories and StoryBoards that include data from your cloud sources and on-premise data sources.

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Holistic Analysis

Don’t let blind spots hinder your sales operations. Connect directly to your data, harmonize other sources on-the-fly, and avoid painful API and integrations. Harness the insights that help your sales team stay ahead of plan. Collaborate with your team in real-time to make critical decisions faster on opportunities that help your business stay ahead.

  • Perform lightning fast analysis on data combined with other CRM and ERP sources, and marketing apps via self updating business user friendly Data Stories.
  • Blend and harmonize your Salesforce data with other internal and external data and get a single view into what your business needs to know without API headaches and data wrangling.
  • Collaborate in real-time with team members, managers, and executives in one simple experience to accelerate the business and make crucial decisions faster.

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CPG, Retail and Consumer Internet

Understanding how your customer responds to in-store product placement, online and offline trends, and location based differences, leads to driving a deeper understanding of the consumer. Traditionally most organizations are limited to silo’d views of data from their disparate data sources that capture customer information. ClearStory provides a central point of access to critical internal and external data, automates data blending and harmonization to uncover deeper consumer trends.

  • Automate harmonization and blending of your private data and syndicated data sources that capture critical customer information.
  • Harmonize data from POS systems, Nielsen, Dun and Bradstreet, Kantar Media, and many other premium and public data sources with your private data to reach fast, holistic insights.
  • Enable the fast visual exploration – without leaving any data behind.
  • Generate insights in the form of “Data Stories” and “Interactive StoryBoards” that you and other line-of-business users can actively collaborate on – in real-time.

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Pharma and Life Sciences

In the data-driven pharmaceuticals and life sciences industries, fast insights derived from blending data from disparate sources such as patient diagnosis, EMR, IMS, clinical trials data, and drug effectiveness can speed the cycle from diagnosis to cures and ensure successful market strategies.

ClearStory Data is helping pharmaceutical companies speed the time to holistic, explorable insights:

  • Shrinking time to insights through automated harmonization of diverse sets of information. Users can quickly spot patient and prescription trends by location and demographics or bring in any external or internal data source for bigger insights.
  • Giving users the freedom of fast data exploration and allowing them to ask vital questions on-the-fly, to see more and make faster business decisions.
  • Generating actionable insights that research and marketing groups can actively collaborate on to make consistent decisions based on patient diagnosis rates, clinical trials and health trends.

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Financial Services

Fast, Collaborative research and customer acquisition analysis. Speed and simplify the cycle of research across globally distributed teams, including accessing, merging, analyzing files and a variety of external data sources. See how to leverage ClearStory’s data collaboration across the workflow to deliver research faster, target new customers and speed the path to interactive insights.

    • Speed access to disparate sources – financial data repositories, big data platforms, or even spreadmarts – and gain immediate insights.
    • Perform continuous, intra-day analysis and stay on top of fast moving financial market trends to enable fast and reliable decision-making.
    • Provide lineage and data governance across unmanaged, fragmented data sets to ensure traceability and consistency of insights.

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Media and Entertainment

Multi-screen behavior, franchise analysis, supply chain analysis, audience analysis and more. Viewers watch 140 hours of TV per month and 7 hours of video on the Internet while also browsing their smart phones and tablets simultaneously. Who’s watching what, from where, when, and what are the trends across mobile versus fixed devices? Discover and diagnose impacts of new media, retail channels, and social influences on audiences and viewership.

    • Automate harmonization from disparate data sources to gain a holistic view across customer segmentation, subscriber behavior, multi-channel performance, and more.
    • Perform continuous, diagnostic and exploratory analysis across more sources to gain immediate insights.
    • Generate insights in the form of “Data Stories” and “Interactive StoryBoards™” that you and other line-of-business users can actively collaborate on – in real-time.

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