• Data Stories for Everyone.

    Harmonize More Sources. Explore More Data.
    Collaborate on Actions. Faster.

  • Harmonize and Blend

    more internal and external data sources
    without costly data wrangling.

  • Fast Exploration and Collaboration

    to discover insights in your data and speed decisions.

  • Interactive, Collaborative StoryBoards

    present insights in a storyline with context,
    for impactful decisions.

More Sources Blended.

More Answers.

More Consumable.

Relying on Old Ways, BI Skills, & Excel Doesn’t Cut It for the Business

  • [ClearStory] quickly harmonizes and blends data with different formats, from both internal and external sources, on the fly, presenting it visually so that people from
    all over a company can look at it and understand it regardless of their jobs.

  • [ClearStory] allows distributed teams to interactively collaborate and discover insights through an iterative "data story" metaphor.

  • ClearStory allows people to understand data regardless of their job position.

  • [StoryBoards] can also be a potentially superior alternative to the venerable desktop PowerPoint presentation, in that it can be linked to live sources of data, and can be easily updated by multiple contributors.

  • Instead of sharing just a single big-data storyline in a single dashboard, the new Storyboards mode enables groups of users to share multiple storylines in an interactive manner.

  • With these StoryBoards they have achieved this ambition and offer organisations a great solution to make the most of their data.

  • ClearStory continues to innovate in providing the right level of interactivity and
    narratives to collaborate and explore the full potential through its StoryBoards.

  • [ClearStory] lets users analyze multiple data sources simultaneously and “harmonizes” them to let them work better together.

  • [ClearStory] makes it easier to access internal and external data sources, including corporate databases, Hadoop and the Internet, and use that data to uncover trends
    and patterns.

  • [ClearStory] helps businesses collect and understand the mass of data about customers, competitors and the marketplace. [They] make the data accessible to business people who don’t have technical backgrounds.

  • [ClearStory] allows organizations to aggregate dozens of unstructured data sources for analysis, far more than can be easily done through traditional business intelligence tools.

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